The Bachelor Beauts have been squaring up since 1963. The club is fortunate to have a terrific variety of some of the best callers and cuers in Oregon and Washington who keep Beauts’ dances interesting and fun. Visitors are always welcome, and although square dance attire is always welcome it is never required.

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Dance Times and Locations

  • 1st and 3rd Saturdays
  • 7:30 – 10:00 PM – Squares & Rounds
  • Pine Forest Grange, 63214 Boyd Acres Rd, Bend, Oregon [Map]
  • Dance cost is $7.00 per person
  • Check this website’s Dance Calendar to see who’s calling/cueing, and what’s happening at each dance. The Beauts often offer special sessions at the start of the evening beginning at 6:30 or 7.

Club Callers and Cuers

  • Excellent guest callers who visit from Oregon and Washington
  • Mark McDonald, Club Cuer, along with other terrific guest cuers

Theme Dances

  • The Bachelor Beauts hold their “don’t miss” Birthday Luau Dance on the first or third Saturday in April with special guest callers and cuers and lots of great food!


  • Mainstream lessons are offered throughout the year.  Please contact our president for details.


Lessons Coordinator–Kay Bithel 541-382-7014
Membership Coordinator–Mike Butler 541-527-1352
Caller & Cuer Scheduling–Marial Gertz  541-410-1593

Club History

Larry and Lee Musgrave founded The Bachelor Beauts Square Dance Club in 1963, and graduated their first class that spring. Larry served as caller for eight years and as an active member until his passing at the age of 90 in 2005. The first home for the Beauts was at the Eastern Star Grange Hall near the Bend airport. During it’s heyday, the grange had so many dances that the maple floor had to be replaced because according to grange master Dan Rastovich “they wore the first one out dancing.”

Larry taught Delano “Slick” Fox and his wife Melba how to dance in 1968, and in ’71 Slick became the club’s caller. Slick used his carpentry skill to build a square dance hall 200 yards from their home.  A March 1979 article in the national SQUARE DANCE magazine featured Fox Hall and mentions that the Beauts held their first dance there on July 1, 1976.  The 40’x70′ dance floor easily held more than eight squares, and a special type of paneling resembling Triscuit crackers provided excellent acoustics. Slick was the Beauts’ teacher and caller until his death in 1988.

For many years the Beauts have enjoyed dancing to a variety of club and guest callers.  Jim Steele served as a regular caller from 1989-92. And, Ron Bliven served as caller from 1999 until his retirement in 2015.

Fox Hall was sold in 1992, and the club returned to the Eastern Star Grange Hall for a time. Since 2003 Bend’s Pine Forest Grange has been home to the Beauts. In 50+ years square dance traditions such as dress style and music have changed, but one thing remains the same . . . Beauts love to dance!